Getting Started

Creating with Gildform

Welcome to Gildform!  Our app connects every element of the jewelry manufacturing supply chain-transforming the way fashion brand owners run their businesses.  We’re perfecting manufacturing, and empowering jewelry designers worldwide. 

We want to be sure that you’re feeling empowered when using our web app. So here’s an article on how to use Gildform. Be sure to check out our FAQ’s for more information.

  1. Upload (or design) Your Model
    First thing’s first, you will need a 3D model of your design. A 3D model is a three-dimensional representation of your jewelry design that we will use to create your jewelry product. If you have a 3D file in .obj, .stl or .glTF  format that is ready for 3D printing and production – great!  Start off of by uploading it  here. If you don’t have a 3D file, no worries!  You can submit a design request by going here and clicking the Design It With Us button. Depending on the complexity we can turn around designs in 2 – 7 business days. So what are you waiting for?Once you’ve uploaded your 3D model, specify the type of jewelry that it is. This will help us in providing the most accurate pricing and streamline the production process.Describe your piece! Get as detailed as you’d like. You can also leave this blank, however, the more detail you provide the better. If you have questions about how to describe your piece, you can start off by listing any or all of these questions:- What’s the final vision for this design? (i.e. This ring will be sold as a stackable ring)
    – Which collection does this design exist within? (i.e. Hero Fall/Winter 2020)
    – What’s the Item Name or SKU that you use to identify this piece internally? (i.e. Simple 3mm Band  or FW20-R123) 
    – Desired price point
    – Desired delivery date

  2. Select Your Desired Material
    After you’ve uploaded your 3D model, select the material that you’d like to have your pieces produced in using Lost-Wax Casting. Lost-wax Casting is a process that we use for creating your jewelry products by pouring your desired molten metal in a mold. Your selection will automatically calculate your price for production and material. All materials are quoted in real time using the metal market for the most transparent and accessible pricing.If you have have any questions about our materials, please visit Material Data
  3. Select  Plating Options If a part of your vision, choose which material you’d plated like over the base metal that you have selected. Plating is only available with certain materials like .925 Sterling Silver, White Bronze and Yellow Brass.
  4. Select Polishing Specifications
    Choose your preferred polishing type from the following options:Natural is a light polishing to achieve a clean, matte and slightly textured surface.
    Satin is a  polishing to achieve the smooth surface without the shiny reflection. Think of this as foggy mirror!
    High Polish is a substantial polishing that is done by hand to achieve smooth, shiny and reflective surfaces. Choose this polishing type if your piece has intricate details that you’d like to reach. Consider that some details may get lost from polishing.
  5. Specify Your Quantity For Production
    You will first receive the price for production for 1 unit.  Enter your desired quantity for production. You will receive special pricing for your unique jewelry item based on the quantity you specify. The more items you produce of the specific style, with the same specifications the lower the cost will be for each unit.
  6. Review Your Order and Add to Cart
    Once you’ve selected all of your on-demand jewelry manufacturing specifications, review your order and confirm that everything is as it should be. Add it to your cart when you’re done. You’ll have the option to Add Another Item to this order or to begin the Check Out Process.We’ll receive your order and begin the production process!


Tracking with Gildform

Managing Your Orders in Your Dashboard
Now that you’ve created, it’s time for us to produce. While we’re manifesting your visions, we want you to be informed and empowered throughout the on-demand 3D printed jewelry process.


Go to Your Orders to see  Active Orders  (which are orders currently in-production) and  Order History (which are orders that we have produced and shipped). If you have multiple orders currently in production, you can  get a detailed view of where each order is in the manufacturing process.


Tracking Your Orders  in Your Dashboard

As  your order progresses in the production process, you will receive live updates via email to the email address that you used when setting up your account. We’ll update you every step of the way, from processing all the way up to shipping.

You can also visit Your Orders dashboard to track your jewelry products.